Based in Perugia, Italy, and founded by Maurizio Altieri in 1996, this cult artisanal label gained an enormous loyal following. Carpe Diem has set itself apart from the majority of fashion brands by avoiding a common approach to promotion, refusing editorials and advertising, as the pieces easily speak for themselves; meticulously crafted and deliberately treated in a destructive manner, they are a statement of the less obvious luxury. The collection consists of four main lines: Carpe Diem (footwear and leather pieces), L'Maltieri (knitwear), Sartoria (made-to-measure) and Linea (mostly jackets, trousers and t-shirts). With all four designers from the labels team going on to establish their own brands (MA+, A1923, Label Under Construction and Sarah Lanzi) the label is considered defunct, and the remaining pieces of Carpe Diem have become valuable collectors items.